Brandon Marquiste Talks Lynwood & “Outchea” single

Los Angeles rapper Brandon Marquiste presents the NOREGGIE directed music video for “Outchea”, the new single produced by BDThePlug. Representing Lynwood, Marquiste broke out with his Top Rhymen mixtape (stream), which he followed up with visuals for “I Know” (watch), “Dreams To Remember” (watch) and “Get Out Yo Feelings” (watch). “Outchea” is a single for an upcoming project called Lost Files.

What can you tell us about the track “Outchea”? What was your inspiration? Thoughts behind the hook? Music video?

“Outchea” is basically saying you outside.. you in the mix.. you everywhere.. my inspiration came from the beat! When I first heard the track I thought it was dope, and then the words and the flow started coming out.. the hook came from just living a certain lifestyle.. it’s not meant for everyone, but the ones that can relate know what’s up! The video was basically raw footage of an everyday life.. people getting they haircuts and chillin. 

How has growing up in Lynwood, CA influenced your style of music?

Growing up in Lynwood taught me how to be a man at a very young age, especially without any type of good role model to look up to. After I quit playing basketball my senior year of high school, it was get money or be a bum.. and I choose to get money.. so I say I bring the fly to this G shit.. and that’s how I’m able to make fly as Music! All from real experiences.

What are your thoughts on the industry today and the direction it’s going?

It’s going back to people making real music and really rapping again. You don’t hear too much of that bubble gum music anymore.

Who are you often compared to that’s out now. How do you distinguish yourself from those artists?

Nobody… My sound and my style is original and unique.. so there is no comparison..

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future as far as new projects?

I’m working on my mixtape “Lost Files” and dropping more singles and visuals..

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