interview: ATAK Talks Denver Hip-Hop & New Single “It Was All A Dream”

West Denver, CO rapper ATAK presents the music video for the single “IT WAS ALL A DREAM”. Directed by Anderson Flicks, “IT WAS ALL A DREAM” video comes on the heels of visuals for “Juhh Do Et” (watch the music video on Worldstar). Best known for his work with Migos, DJ Plugg had this to say about Atak, “the hardest amigo rappin.”

Currently based in Atlanta, ATAK has shared creative spaces with artists like Fat Joe, Trina, Shawty Lo, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, and Lil Flip. When asked about the new release, ATAK says “I was just at home and the idea just popped into my head, and I came up with the record.” IT WAS ALL A DREAM is out now on The Stamp Brand.

What can you tell us about the track “It Was All A Dream”?

“It Was All A Dream” was really the vibe set by the producer U Dubb. I always let the beat set the vibe no matter the track.

What was your inspiration? Thoughts behind the hook? Music video?

The inspiration was more of a win, a trophy. A true story – it was a dream to be able to grow to what my life is today and away from the pots and scales. My videos i like to just bring people into and what I see every day.

How has growing up in Colorado influenced your style of music?

I moved a lot as a kid. So I took from all them places. Growing in Denver at the time gave me what I needed. I always try to follow God’s path even when its dark and lonely. So I try to make my music authentic. Denver doesn’t have its own sound so I try to create that vibe.

Who are you often compared to? why? How do you distinguish yourself from those artists?

I have been compared to a wide range of artists from SPM to DMX because of my feelings I think in my lyrics. I don’t think I have to distinguish myself from them at all. I have chosen the stairs on my way up. I won’t let my art follow trends or try to make something that sounds like another.

How has living in Atlanta affected your career?

Living in Atlanta hasn’t really affected my sound or who I work with on a day to day basis. It has just made me more accessible form my team and we aren’t trying to work long distance no more.

What’s it like being a latin rapper on the scene today?

I think being chicano and having a different sound is always a shock to people at first and of course you get the hate but 90% of people can’t keep it real when I can. I been through it all. Hip Hop is our culture, as it is anybody else’s. I don’t do Spanish music but when somebody gets past the shock of me being me and unapologetically being me and repping 100% for West Side Denver they realize Atak got that real shit you can relate to. That from the bottom, housing project, only option to hustle and pray heavy music. People don’t make it this far where I’m from.

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