interview: Nazzy The Mic, Life As A LGBTQ Rapper & New Single “Last Scar”

Philly artist Nazzy The Mic presents the music video “Last Scar”. Directed by Peter Insinna, of Brooklyn, NY, “Last Scar” appears on Nazzy The Mic’s soon to be released album “I Speak Pain”.

Born Norelle Hampton, the 17 Year Old Gay Muslim Pain rapper has been hitting the studio since the age of 6. Nazzy The Mic’s style is founded upon her sub-genre named Pain Music that turns the booth into a therapy session to communicate her problems, feelings, and thoughts on the mic. The album “I Speak Pain” marks a turning point in her career as a dedicated lyricist. “I Speak Pain” talks about her life experiences in the streets. Lyrics and flows that weave the story of her struggle, loss of loved ones, and legal trouble. “Last Scar is me having a conversation with the microphone about what’s been on my mind lately. I’m a pain rapper so 9x outta 10 that’s what you’re gone hear from me.”

What can you tell us about the track “Last Scar”? What was your inspiration? Thoughts behind the hook? Music video?

I was having a conversation with the mic and it turned into a song. I was reflecting about life and got tired of holding it in. Sometimes you have moments in life where you realize that things aren’t what it seems and when reflecting on my past and it became Last Scar. The hook came from this reflection about all of this, like how people feel that just because you were here first, doesn’t mean that you going to be here now or last. Or that even being here now doesn’t mean you always will. The shots in the video make you feel what I was trying say. Especially the bedroom scenes where I’m not saying a lot but I’m really saying a lot if you get what I feel. It draws people in to what I’m feeling what I’m trying to say.

In an industry dominated by males, what are your thoughts on the industry? How has it been for you personally being a female MC? 

I feel like female artists are never going to get the same credit as men unless you’re like Nicki Minaj or something and even then Nicki doesn’t get the same level of love that a Jay-Z or Diddy gets. I mean it’s not fair all around it seems. Women never get the same respect. I know I’m hotter than a lot of male rappers out now or coming out, but I’m never going to get that credit unless a big known artist sees me and basically gets to say they discovered me or something when the reality is I always been nice they just had a platform.

What are your thoughts on the industry and it’s acceptance of the LGBTQ Community?

I feel like it’s messed up how they shame LGBTQ like it’s bad, it’s a sin, but what are you doing? You say they doing one sin by trying to live their truth, but you doing 10x worse and more “sins.” 

 When did you realize this was the life for you?

I didn’t. I’m still trying to figure out what life is for me. I’m young still trying to figure it all out. But I make music. I’m good at it. But is it my life? I don’t know yet.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future as far as new projects? 

Well, I’m working on a few projects. One I’m talking about relationships showing my softer side. Another has more of a Summer type vibe. They should all be coming out soon. I’m always recording and making music. I’m trying to get it all out there. Let the world know Nazzy exists.

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